The focus is on you

How do I get started?

Our initial meeting will be free of charge and will last for about twenty minutes. We will discuss your situation and your thoughts on what you would like to achieve. I will ensure that coaching is appropriate for you and that you understand the process.

How much are the sessions?

Further sessions are arranged at your convenience and will last for 45 mins. These will be charged at £45 per session and we will discuss in our first meeting how many sessions may be required. During these sessions we will focus on your goals, and deal with issues that are hindering your progress.

CVs, Cover Letters and Social Media

CV creation, review and updating starts at £125 for a new CV and one update; additional work on cover letters, applications, interview preparation and social media can be arranged and costs agreed.

Where do we meet?

There are numerous options for our meetings. I can offer use of a consulting room in Princes Risborough with off-street parking outside. We can meet in a public place such as a pub, coffee shop or a walk; and I also able to meet you at your home or place of work. Alternatively we can use the telephone or the various online facilities for our sessions.


“Pete has been instrumental as a coach - I have been able to move forwards in my life and make significant decisions (career change and relocation of home) that have lead to positive changes. Without his coaching services, I doubt if I would have been able to get into the mind space to be able to step back, focus and think about my goals in life - importantly in a forward looking manner. I was really impressed with Pete's professionalism as a life coach. He was able to explain the facets of coaching as I was completely new to it, as well as have the patience to assess where I was in the process. He always provided great support and encouragement - championing my achievements and small steps that I had made. This approach helped me gain in confidence as a person, be able to celebrate my small successes in addition to manage my low points when I was finding it hard to believe that change was possible. I found particularly the practical advice he gave me invaluable for example focus on prioritisation and compartmentalisation of decisions. Pete is more than a coach; he has incredible kindness, empathy and emotional intelligence that make the time spent as client and professional enjoyable. I would absolutely recommend anyone who is at a crossroads or needing a little help refocusing where they wish to go in life to seek help from Pete. Thank you Pete so much.”

                                                                                                     - Coaching Client - South-East England

'When I needed a CV I didn’t know where to turn and how to start. I had just spent 30 years in the public sector and wasn't sure that i had any transferable skills. I contacted Pete, he immediately made me feel at ease and reassured me that I had more than enough experience and qualifications for any new employer. I completed a quick questionnaire and after a few pleasant phone calls with Pete my CV took shape. I actually couldn't believe how good I sounded on paper. I cant thank Pete enough for making this such an easy experience and one that i hope will lead to a new and exciting career path. I have already recommended Pete to friends and will continue to do so to anyone who needs a CV. Thank you.' 

- CV client, East England

'I have loved the process that we have embarked on over the last year and I truly believe if it had not been for Pete, his positive support and direction that I would not be in such a strong position that I am going into for the coming year, for that I will continue to be eternally grateful and I would be grateful for it to continue in the years to come.                                                                        - client, South-East England

'After a full life change over the last 18 months I felt rudderless, which is when I met Pete.

He has been able to direct me back to an even keel, make me evaluate my life and set me goals/actions that we agree together - some of which I have yet to achieve. Most of all I am loving the journey to get there!

He has made me realise my own worth and that life is about striving for the best (which we all know, but we all need a gentle reminder now and then) and knowing that it is OK to achieve and have fun on the way too. 

Pete has made me feel so at ease during our session, I feel I can speak to him about anything and everything, in a secure environment that I know will remain confidential. He is truly one of life's professionals, with a complete down-to-earth, pragmatic approach to all life's nuances.

I think it is fabulous that every few months, my own continuous development is now interspersed with Peter Weaver - Life Coaching, even if it is just to make sure that I am on track or set new goals. I feel I am flourishing with the support.'                                                                         - client, South-East England

'I approached Pete who had offered his services as a coach as I had just left a public sector organisation where I'd worked for over 25 years. Having experienced many highs and lows in the organisation, and through my work in various areas, I had become somewhat of a leading expert in my field. I found myself in a place where I had numerous ideas and concepts and was planning where I wished to go next. I knew I had the knowledge, skills and experience to deliver to private and public sector organisations, bodies and companies however I felt something was missing and that 'not knowingness' was frustrating me and hindering my progress.

We started coaching. I initially thought that I was going to be told what direction I should take and how I should do it; I already had a sense of that within myself. However, Pete, skilfully and with great insight, was able to facilitate my awareness as to the resources I already had at my disposal showing me better ways of utilising them - which I quickly realised was exactly what I was missing.

From this I was able to strategize more effectively and even sleep better. I am grateful to Pete because he broadened my self-awareness and in doing so widened my business horizons. 

I can say with confidence and appreciation that should you engage Pete's services and are willing and open he will not only raise your awareness of the hidden gifts or blind spots within and around you but he’ll also show you more effective ways of utilising them to enhance your success. Thank you Pete.' 

- client, South-East England

'Pete gives excellent perspective on work situations and has defined my career objectives whilst improving personal and professional relationships. I worked with Pete during a big transition in my life. He helped me to restore my self-confidence and positivity. My sessions with him helped me move forward with my life. Thanks to his coaching I have gone on to achieve goals I believed were beyond my reach. Pete is incredibly professional and friendly and I would see him with any professional development needs.'

- former colleague, London

'Pete has sound analysis and judgement, he has advised me on issues such as organisation and was the only person in 26 years who took the time to intervene. I believe he invested time and effort to properly help me, he analysed the issues, provided solutions and strategies; then followed up to make sure the practices were adopted successfully. I would also like to mention Pete's sensitive and tactful approach; he handled difficult conversations in a non-judgemental and entirely supportive manner. Pete was always approachable and made time for colleagues, particularly those in need of help.'                             - former colleague, London

'I first met Pete around seven years ago as a colleague at work. In that time he has been a trainer, teacher, coach and friend to me, helping me through some low moments and celebrating the highs. He is someone I know I could always go to when I needed help regardless of whether it was a work related issue or a private matter. He doesn’t judge and helps you to resolve the situation rather than just fixing it for you. Pete is an extremely confidential person whom I know was trusted by many. I would recommend his services to anyone.'                                                                                                       - former colleague, London

‘Pete has the unique ability to create the ‘right’ environment to empower people as individuals. Having sought Pete’s advice numerous times over the last fifteen years, I’ve found him to be adept at listening, not always offering solutions, but ultimately affording me the confidence to take responsibility for my own development and performance’.                                                                      - former colleague. London


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